Sunday, December 30, 2012


This is my dream come true... Snow golems that beat the crap out of stuff! OH! Sorry for not posting in a wile, I have my own life to handle. This is the hilarious guy that did the monkey mod! So... I guess I have to be strict about rating. Ummmm... How bout 4 yum faces... :9 :9 :9 :9. I think that is far don't you agree? He was funny and getting to talk a lot about the mod, but I felt as if he didn't go over it all. Because I wondered if it could die in the desert, and I wanted him to make it fight all the mutants. If you want to say more or recommend a video, just comment me, and I will see! Well have a happy new year! :]   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paul's arrival to my blog!

Sorry i'm posting late... You know, school. :P Anyway. If you don't know this guy your crazy! He is the number one guy to go get survival tips from, and he has funny stores to tell too. I give this a 3.5 yum faces :9 :9 :9 : . He is really good a surviving, but it flew by too quick for me and him. The rest... I guess is ok, but not like his other videos. My favorite sires that he is making is called TALE OF KINGDOMS. You should really go see that sires too. OH! And by the way, i'm might not be posting around Christmas. Please comment some new videos i'm sorta running out! Well right now... GET YOUR BUT OFF THE ELECTRONIC AND ENJOY THE DAY(unless it's raining)! GET A LIFE! :]

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Music Video!

What's up people of other places! I'm only going to be able to post two videos a week. Sorry :P. I saw this music video of my favorite song mixed in to minecraft. My rating is going to be...hmmmm... 2.5. :9 :9 : . It was really good and relative to the actual song, and it was very funny. BUT! They could of done better than that. I have seen way better videos that they have done.  Heh, you people can comment any videos I should put up and I will look at them! Right now stay in school and don't crap up your life.   Later! :]

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I LOVE THIS MOVIE :D !Sorry guys I had a little trip, so I couldn't post. SO.... I found this 40 min movie that is AWESOME. I love emotion in my movies. I give this video 4.5 yum faces. :9 :9 :9 :9 : . As I told you I love emotion and emotional music in my movies. This movie for real, made me cry out loud and scared the crap out of my dogs. I love the first part were he is seeing the world around him and discovering new things. The 0.5 percentage that is not making it a 5 is... I think the ending could have been better. Any who. Comment more if you want too, cause this is all i'm saying. See ya later players! :]

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


MONKEYS ARE AWESOME! I <3 monkeys and explosions, what a person! I give this video a 4 yum face rating. :9 :9 :9 :9. The guy that makes these videos, is a true master in comedy. I love his random cut scenes and just the tone in his voice makes me crack up. You should check him out on his channel, he has more crack up videos if you like this one. The one thing that I disliked is that he didn't really dig deep in to the mod. Ha ha ha ha <------- Fail laughter. Well comment more about this video, if you don't want too...... You suck. Later :] 

First Video! :D

 Smiles all around for my first video! I'll try to put up two a day if school doesn't interfere... Any who, I need to lecture you peeps about my rating system. My way of rating is what I call yum faces my top rate is 5 yums. This is a yum face :9. Cool huh? OK... Time to rate the video. I give it 3 yum faces. :9 :9 :9. Because first of all I love there voices and second of all I <3 EXPLOSIONS! I also thought it was a little boring in the middle of it all, they could of jazzed it up more like, fighting a giant creeper or something like that. Soooooo..... That's all I really need to say right now. Comment more about this video if you want too. See you later! :]      

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Yo! Minecraft lovers out there! This is a web site for minecraft videos of all kinds! I'll have some up soon, but for now... Get a life. :]